Daily ramble time …

With my second job, I now should be able to have enough money to buy things for myself outside of necessities. I have so many things I want to get (piercings, tattoos, workout equipment, clothes, a life time supply of candy…), but one thing I’m seriously considering is getting a capture card (HD duh) and recording my gaming sessions and putting them up here. Why? Well, why the fuck not! Haha.

Nah but seriously, I always kinda wanted to start a gaming channel/blog. It’d be a great way to try games I wouldn’t normally do, people could give suggestions for other games, and also it’d be a great excuse to buy other consoles. :P Plus, I dunno, I’m on the Internet so damn much, it’d be nice to do something a lil more productive (not really) with my time on here.

I got a lot of things going for me on this, the biggest one is the fact that I’m a /girl/. I’ve seen other female-gamer channels on YouTube before and they seem to go over well. I definitely believe female gamers need more representation, and I’m totally down to show that girls can play just as good, if not better then the boys. ;) okok, im not the best, but I definitely hold the house trophy for beating everyone in CoD, so that’s gotta mean something right?

In reality, I doubt this will ever happen. There’s so much more I’ll need besides a capture card, but it’s a nice thought.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I drove this one lady for Lyft and we got into talking about Anime and Netflix. She ended up rating me 5 stars and told ppl to talk anime to me. :D Not gunna lie, I’m proud of myself for still being able to keep up with some recent/modern anime despite how out of touch I really am with it all.